The Digital Enterprise Voucher Scheme is Marvellous

Digital Enterprise’s Digital Growth Voucher provides a grant of up to £5k to put towards digital services. We can help you get that grant and provide our services in digital design, development and marketing.

  • Why choose us?
    Together, we're Marvellous

    We are a Leeds-based design and development agency with a tight-knit team who work together to achieve Marvellous things. We have extensive knowledge of what is needed to help independent businesses get the most from online, and work for both small start up businesses and established brands.

    We were an accredited supplier of digital expertise for SMEs in 2014/15 for the Growth Voucher Scheme, so we know the process of applying through to delivering the required work.

  • Are you eligible?
    SME | Leeds City Region

    250 or fewer employees
    Turn over of less than £43m per year
    Received less than £185k State Aid since 2014

    The Leeds City Region encompasses the Bradford, Calderdale, Craven, Harrogate, Kirklees, Leeds, Selby, Wakefield, and York authority districts. Your head office must be based here.

    Your business must be B2B to be eligible for the grant, however in Spring 2017 there will be masterclasses, workshops, and mentoring available to B2C businesses.

  • What we do
    Web design | Web development | Illustration | Marketing

    We are a team of specialists, comprising of designers, developers, account managers, and marketers, who can help make your brand succeed online.

    We love to create anything from single-page brochure sites that elegantly display wares and services, to mega Magento eCommerce stores, built to house and sell thousands of products. We can develop your brand from the very beginning with branding, or help with developing your digital platform. We love to dabble in marketing and print, too.

10 years of digital expertise

Marvellous is a Leeds-based digital design and development agency with a crew of accredited experts in the digital sector. Since building our agency way back in 2006, we’ve learnt a thing or two about what businesses need to grow online, which is why we rebranded in 2016, and changed our entire business model to fit around our clients: we know work wholly around you.

We not only provide the services you need to establish your brand in the world of digital, but we make it our business to know your business. We can consult on the best ways to digitally boost your brand.

As a digital agency, we at Marvellous love:

Back-end Development
Design for Print
Digital Marketing
Front-end Development
UX Design
Web Design

We work with the smallest start ups to multi-million pound brands, and know what it takes to ensure online success. It’s imperative we really get to know our client’s business, with extensive research into their brand, plus its industry and competitors.

We’ve built online branches of business for many businesses in the Leeds City Region, including Luxury Flooring, Yorkshire Soap, Art Shop Skipton, Dock 29, Vivderma, Love Cheese, and many more. We have plenty of clientele based outside our beloved Yorkshire, too!

How do I apply?

An excellent question. Some schemes lure you in with buzz words and great possibilities, only to make it impossibly difficult to apply. This one is fairly simple, as long as you’ve done your research (which you are doing now. Well done!). Don’t worry about having all the info in one go – you can save your application and go back to it at a later date.

First things first though…

Are you eligible?

To be in with a chance of the growth voucher, you must be able to say yes to the following:

→ Am I a B2B company?
→ Does my company employee less than 250 staff?
→ Does my company turnover less than £43m per year?
→ Has my company received less than £185,000 in State Aid in the last 3 financial years?
→ Is many company’s head office / only office based in the Leeds City Region? (That’s Bradford, Calderdale, Craven, Harrogate, Kirklees, Leeds, Selby, Wakefield, and York authority districts)

Unfortunately this grant isn’t for B2C businesses – including Primary Industries supported by alternative EU funds like the EAFRD, and banking / insurance firms –  however, in Spring 2017 there will be masterclasses, workshops, and mentoring available to B2C businesses. If you’re interested in this – give us a bell!

If you are eligible, it’s time to do your research. Take a look below to see exactly what you need to know before you apply.

Get a quote

Before you start to apply, you’ll need to know exactly what you want from this voucher. Get 3 quotes from 3 different companies, with clear breakdowns of what they will do for you, and what it will cost. That’s what they really need to know – as they’ll be funding 40%.

Know your facts and figures

You’ll need to know your company reg number, business rates number, turnover and balance sheet figures – so get them to hand!

Decide on a project type

You’ll need to know what project type you aim to fit into. You can choose from a list like this:

Upgrading digital connectivity/broadband
Installation of VOIP telephony
Acquisition/development of new software (e.g. CRM or ERP system Accountancy package or CAD etc)
New IT hardware equipment (PCs tablets networking etc)
Enhancing your existing website or commissioning a new one
Commissioning new digital marketing platforms (apps/social media)

Demonstrate how you will grow online

You’ve got to demonstrate just HOW this voucher will grow your business – they want to see targets of growth in staff, turnover, and profit.

Digitally transform your brand

We’re here to give your brand a digital transformation, to enhance your business’ productivity, profit, and performance. With your grant, you can choose to invest in one or more of the following:

CRM solutions
Digital consultancy
Digital integration with in store systems
Digital marketing
eCommerce or brochure website design and development
Improved IT systems and digital connectivity


As an accredited supplier of digital expertise for the Growth Voucher Scheme, a national grant in 2014, we have experience in the process, including:

Assisting with enquiries
Creating work reports to provide governing bodies
Delivering consultancy
Helping businesses acquire voucher funding

We delivered consultancy to 60 businesses during the Growth Voucher Scheme, many of whom continued to become clients requiring design and development work.

Want to find out more?

Give our friendly team a buzz on 0113 245 8870 or pop your details in this handy form. We’d love to discuss your project!